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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you don't see your question or answer here, please contact us as and send us your question.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.   

Where is AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC located and how long have you been in business?

 AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC has been in business since January 2006 and we have served thousands of customers who have been very pleased with the service they have received. 

We are located at 5749 James Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55419.  We can be reached at 612-245-8261 or at  AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC is strictly an Internet business and we do not currently have a "brick and mortar" store.   

Why should I buy sports memorabilia?

  People purchase sports memorabilia for different reasons.  Some people will buy sports memorabilia simply for the nostalgia.  They want to remember a specific play or game that they had attended or watched on television.  They want to remember their favorite athlete making a fabulous play.  Others may purchase sports memorabilia as an investment.  Most autographed sports memorabilia items increase in value as time passes.  These individuals will purchase the memorabilia and then resell it when the price increases.

Autographed sports memorabilia is also great for fund raisers, employee recognition programs, gifts for special occassions, office decoration, and more!  Autographed sports memorabilia is a very unique gift that will be cherished for years to come.   

I have some autographed collectibles that I want to sell.  Will you buy them?

AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC does not purchase autographed sports memorabilia from private collectors.  We do this for your protection.  We do not take a chance in purchasing from individuals that we do not know as we want to be able to guarantee our products 110%.  All of our products come direct from a private session with the athlete in which a reputable company (such as Steiner, Upper Deck, APE, Real Deal, etc.) was present.

We receive approximately 50 calls daily from individuals wanting to sell their baseball cards or autographed memorabilia.  We will not purchase any of these items as we only deal direct with the authenticator.

Can you authenticate my collectibles and/or provide an appraisal?

AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC does not authenticate or appraise autographed collectibles.   There are a handful of companies that specialize in this type of service.  Once they authentic your item as being authentic, they will provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Does AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC donate products to charity organizations or fund raisers?

 We receive a large number of requests on a regular basis to donate items.  Unfortunately we are not able to donate items to each and every charity or fundraiser.  Because of these requests, we developed a consignment system to accomodate our customers.  This ultimately benefits charities, because it gives them the opportunity to auction numerous items, making a margin on each, rather then simply receiving a single item donated outright.  To view our charity guidelines, please click here.   

What are the different types of jerseys that AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC sells?

 There are three different types of jerseys.  These jerseys are known as Authentic, Replica, and Lower Tier.

The authentic jerseys are as close to the real deal as you can get.  The material is a thick, heavy fabric.  The player's name, number and decals are stitched on.  The sleeve stripe is part of the material.  These jerseys sell for $200 to $300 nationally and sometimes more.  

The replica jerseys are made of a thinner fabric.  They are authentic in design, but name, number, decals, and stripes are screenprinted.  These jerseys typically sell for $60 to $80 or more.

The lower-tier jerseys consist of the thinnest fabric.  There is no authentic in design.  No striping.  The name, number, and decals are screenprinted or ironed on.  These jerseys typically sell for less then $30 in discount stores.   

What is the difference between an Authentic and Replica helmet?

 This similar to the jersey question above.  The authentic helmets are the exact same helmet that the NFL players wear on game day.  The value of these helemts are higher then any other helmet because they are authentic.  The replica helmets are just that.  They look and feel like the authentic helmets, but they are replicas.  The replica helmets are cheaper then the authentic helmets.   

I see the exact same photo autographed by the same athlete, but the price is different.  Why is that?

 This is a very good question.  The photographs are the same and obviously the athlete signed both of them.  But why are they different in price?  The price depends a lot on who the authenticator is.  If the authenticator is well-known and has been established for a long period of time, their prices are typically going to be higher.  Most people have heard of Steiner Sports and Upper Deck Authenticated.  Because of this, their prices may be slightly higher then the others because people have come to know them and they are household names.  The validity of the items are no different and both items are authentic.   

  How do I display my new autographed sports memorabilia item?

If you want your autographed collectible to maintain it's new and crisp look, we suggest putting it into a display case that has UV protection.  Without the UV protection, your item will begin to fade over time and the value of your item will decrease.   

AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC carries several different types of display cases for your newly purchased autographed item.  Some of these display cases offer UV protection and can be customized with team and athlete name.  Check out our display case section for futher details.   

Does AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC guarantee the products they sell?

 AAA Sports Memorablia LLC guarantees that all of the autographed memorabilia items are authentic.  All of our autographed collectibles come diretly from such companies as Steiner Sports, Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA), Locker Room Memorablia, Tri-Star Sports, Schwartz Sports, Athletic Promotional Events, Highland Mint, Real Deal, and more!  Each company has it's own authentication process and tehy also have a representative from their company witness each signing. 

AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC does guarantee the products that they sell.  If you are not happy with your purchase, it can be returned within 14 days for a full money back refund.  Most of our products come with a manufacturer's warranty also.  All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  Shipping costs are non-refundable (even if your shipment was free). 

Products that have Manufacturer Warranties which exceed 14 days, may be returned directly to the manufacturer according to their instructions. 

For those items with manufacturer's defects, a new item will be promptly shipped to you as a replacement.  Items returned as defective that are found to not be defective will incur a 20% restocking fee for the returned unit, therefore, we suggest contacting the manufacturer as listed in your owner's manual for support prior to requesting a return authorization. 

Refunds will not be issued if a return is made without an RMA number.  Please contact us at if you need to obtain an RMA number.  When contacting us, please advise why the items need to be returned. 

Returns must be in like new condition.  Returns will not be accepted without all of the original packaging, manuals, and accessories.  All returns must be received by AAA Sports Memorablia within 14 days from the RMA number issuing date.

AAA Sports Memorablia LLC accepts no responsibility for loss or damage items in return transit.  Please allow up to 5 business day to process your returns.  

What is a COA?

A COA is a "Certificate of Authenticity".  The main purpose of a COA is to provide a paper trail as to where the signature was obtained so that you know that the autograph is authentic and real. 

A COA does NOT prove that an item is authentic, it simply proves that the item in question was handled by a company giving the COA at the time of the signing.  A COA is only as good as the company which issues it, so be wary of the fly-by-night companies, or any company that you have a hard time contacting or visiting. 

If you are collecting for yourself and have no plans for reselling the autograph, then a COA is not really necessary.  You have the memory of meeting the athlete and your autograph is a memento of that occassion.  If you plan on reselling the item, or if you are hoping that the item will appreciate in value in the future, than a COA is a definite must for the item.  

What is an inscription?

 Some athletes will have special inscriptions that they add to the autograph, such as "SB XVII MVP" (Super Bowl 17 Most Valuable Player), "1971 AL MVP" (American League's Most Valuable Player in 1971), and so forth.  Not all players have these inscriptions, and not all correspond to an award.  Some might be from a special paly like Dwight Clark's "The Catch" or the date of a pitcher's perfect game or a career milestone such as their number of wins, strickouts, etc.  Some athletes charge extra for inscriptions, some do not.  Most of the time, an inscription will add value to an autographed piece.  

Is an inscription different then personalization?

 Yes, these are two seperate additions to an autograph.  A personalization is when an athlete adds a salutation such as "To Bob: Best Wishes", or "To Mike: All My Best", etc. etc. 

Any personalized item is nearly worthless on the resale market.

We suggest having items personalized ONLY if you are collecting for the joy of meeting the athlete and collecting the autographs.  Personalization should ALWAYS BE FREE!!!

Unlike inscriptions which add value, personalizations subtract value and most athletes know this.  In fact, most of the athletes like doing personalizations. 

Do you sell my personal information and what kind of security do you have in place?

  AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC is committed in providing a safe shopping experience for you.  We will not resell your personal information to any third parties and our checkout pages are secure.  

What are your payment options!

 AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC accepts PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Google Checkout, and Money Orders.  If paying with PayPal, we will only ship to a "Confirmed" address. 

How do I sign up for a newsletter?

 Please click on our newsletter tab and you will be taken to our sign-up form.  Simly fill in the blanks and you will receive our newsletter informing you of new items and any specials that we may have. 

I love your products and want to refer a friend. How do I do that?

 Great!  Our success depends on referrals.  Please click on one of the links that will send information on the specific product to your friend's e-mail, or click on the link that will refer the entire website to your friend.  They will receive an invitation to our website compliments of you.