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Who won the NFL Draft?

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It’s hard to judge an NFL draft so quickly, but in the ever thirst for NFL football coverage, rash and hasty judgment must be made! Hundreds of players heard their name called this weekend, but which NFL team did the best? Of course it depends on a variety of factors, such as did a team answer a specific need? Can the players they chose fill in immediately? Did the team choose exciting, high-speed players or a trough of big guys to fill the lines? Does it matter?

With all these questions aside, my pick for the best 2016 NFL draft is awarded to the Tennessee Titans, who made several smart trade deals before settling on their top pick, offensive lineman Jack Conklin, who’ll immediately give Marcus Mariota the protection he needs.

The trade out of the top pick gave the Titans a full stable from which to work with, and gave them the ammunition to move back up to 8 to select Conklin. With three picks in the second round, the Titans boosted their defensive line with Kevin Dodd and Austin Johnson, which should help alleviate their struggles stopping the run.

However, my favorite pick for the Titans was Alabama running back Derrick Henry, who will join up with 2014 NFL rushing champ DeMarco Murray to make a quite formidable backfield for the Titans.

I won’t go into the later round picks because they so rarely pan out, but with 10 total draft picks Tennessee had more bites at the apple than most teams, and this should help them immensely long term should 1 or 2 of the later picks grow into starters.

All in all, you have to commend the Titans for what they did in this draft, dangling the bait of the top pick to the Los Angeles Rams and turning it into a host of picks before trading up to get their guy for the O-line in Conklin. I feel that this team is on the up and probably won’t be picking near the top of NFL drafts anytime soon!