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Philadelphia 76ers Wins NBA Draft Lottery

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The NBA Draft Lottery was completed on Tuesday, and it played out quite as it should have, with the worst team in the league being awarded the first overall pick. The 76ers have been on a pretty consistent decline for the past 5 years and finally hit rock bottom. Can either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram (the top 2 NBA Draft prospects) help them out of this funk?

The more exciting story may actually be whichever player ends up being taken 2nd by the Los Angeles Lakers, who’ve suffered greatly due to the aging Kobe Bryant’s slow NBA departure. With him now completely out of the fold, it’ll be interesting to see how this draft pick alongside last year’s #2 pick D’Angelo Russell work to rebuild this once great franchise. Given the allure of LA, the Lakers could possibly bring in some big time free agents too and spark the turnaround sooner rather than later.

But as with all drafts, it will take time to see how these players and picks pan out over the course of their NBA careers. At least for the short term it’s become clear, the 76ers and the Lakers are set to collect the two best players of the 2016 NBA Draft.