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Can the USA Win the Copa America Centenario?

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The upcoming excitement for American soccer fans is the 2016 Copa America Centenario tournament that begins in early June. Played in the USA, there will be high hopes for the likes of Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey to win a major international tournament. However, unlike the Gold Cups that feature only North American soccer teams, this tournament will feature South American super powers like Argentina and Brazil. Does the USA even stand a chance?

While I fear that hoping for an American victory in this event is completely far-fetched, I do believe that this team has an opportunity to do something special here. Not only is the tournament to be played in front of our home fans, but I feel that the current group of stars have reached a level of veteran maturity that could push them over the top. These tournaments don’t come around often, and it could be the last real chance for guys like Howard and Dempsey to make a real mark.

With thousands of screaming fans behind them, I think the USA will do very well and go far, but I think everyone is waiting for them to take that vital next step and beat a team like Brazil at a major tournament. It may be a dream, but this is of good a chance that America has ever had to claim such a massive victory.